In March of 2005 the company of Rab’s Inc. adopted the already existing system of fast food. A Fresh Mexican Grill, with a new and different way of serving. The company decided to extend the menu, and with this you will be able to have more options while selecting the food you want prepared at that moment. This will be fundamental in giving our patrons faster, fresher, and a over all better service.

This concept as a patron, will help you decide what kind of food you want, and we will prepare it to satisfy your hunger.

Red Habanero works hard every day to prepare your food and our 6 homemade salsas are made every day to ensure you a exceptional flavor and freshness.

We have more than 14 toppings for your convenience. Also again, made fresh every day. We do not rely on refrigerators for freshness.

Our prices are friendly and reasonable, to ensure that you can bring the whole family.

We have 30 different types of Premium Tequilas, to prepare your Margarita. Also we have a large variety of imported and domestic beer, if that is more your taste.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company. We look forward to serving you soon..